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Services Overview

All of the services and programs offered by Transitional Center fall within what we call an "integrated continuation of care." Our services are listed and briefly described below, with the name of the appropriate contact person.

Therapeutic Residential Treatment

TCI is a high-end, 48-bed, residential facility, licensed by DCFS in the State of Illinois and accredited by CARF. TCI provides an intensive, 24-hour therapeutic treatment environment for young men from the ages of 12-21.

Behavioral Health

All youth entering Transitional Center receive a full behavioral health assessment by well trained and qualified professionals. This assessment determines the clinical plan: a collaborative approach between the treatment team, the family and youth.

Community and School Based Behavioral Health

JTC Academy is a Therapeutic Day School on-site that creates a nurturing and challenging environment in which all students achieve success, develop personal responsibility, and become lifelong learners. We promote partnerships with students, parents, businesses and the community. Our priority is to utilize effective teaching practices and current technology, and to provide quality and comprehensive academic, career and life skill experiences.

Sexually Problematic Behavioral Therapy

Youth identified as having sexual behavior problems receive specialized therapeutic services related to these problem issues. Youth work on treatment assignments related to providing specific details related to their victim selection process, setting up behaviors and the nature, extent and duration of their sexual behavior problems (Offense History). Youth work on identifying the problematic patterns of thoughts, feelings, thinking errors, beliefs, behaviors and response patterns which create, maintain and perpetuate abusive behavior (Abusive Behavior Cycle). Youth work on identifying these problematic patterns, connecting behaviors to consequences and developing individual safety plans (Relapse Prevention Plan). 

Evidenced-Based Practices

Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), our clinicians take a goal-oriented approach at turning previously held maladaptive and distorted thoughts, undesirable feelings and responses, and inappropriate behaviors into those that are more befitting allowing our youth to successfully execute their environment now and in their future endeavors. Our adjunct therapies including ART (Aggression Replacement Training) and TF-CBT provide a complete yet systematic approach to treatment for youth having various treatment needs.

Case Management

Starting with admission and 6-months post-discharge, Case Managers at Transitional Center Inc. are youth advocates that act as the single point of contact for all parties involved in a youth’s well-being and all aspects and facilitation of care. They ensure proper utilization of services and resources, and provide assistance within, between, and outside of the facility. Case Managers are responsible for supervising assigned youth in the treatment milieu, providing therapeutic interactions and because of the nature of their involvement, many case managers provide support, informal counseling and guidance to youth and their families.

Psychiatric and Medical Services

Medication assessments are conducted by our child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Jackie Hall-Davis. 

TCI RN works closely with our physician to provide care and assessments to youth, including coordinating services with community providers, managing the oversight of all medications, assessing youth for any emerging or pre-existing medical conditions, collaborating and assisting psychiatrist and providing staff training.

Substance Abuse Services

Chestnut Health Systems performs assessments on-site at TCI to determine whether or not youth will receive treatment and also to determine the amount of time needed for treatment. Once treatment times is determined, Chestnut coordinates with TCI Case Managers to schedule treatment times.

Outpatient Services

TCI now offers psychosex​ual evaluations and treatment. Email the COO, Amy Polt at:

 [email protected] for more information.

Transitional Services

Under federal law, the term “transition services” means a coordinated set of activities for youth, designed within a results-oriented process, that promotes movement from school to post-school activities, including post-secondary education, vocational education, integrated employment (including supported employment), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, or community participation.

Our first step is to have a very thorough and complete transitioning plan individualized and developed for each youth with 100% youth involvement. This plan starts with assessments for job exploration leading to a step by step employment plan including college or other training leading to a career. In addition, youth will participate in other “life after high school” planning and preparation such as obtaining a driver’s license or learning how to use public transportation, planning for and/or securing housing and a plan for adult social/recreational activities all leading to youth advancing to a state of self-reliance, independence and an overall feeling of satisfaction and worthiness.

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