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Youth Movie Night on Big Screen 

Every Friday and Saturday

Weekend Movie Night

Our youth really enjoy our weekend movie nights on our huge, bigger than life-size tv.  

Sunday Night Bingo!!

Our youth play bingo every Sunday and they love it!!

Transitional Center Activities

TCI's activity calendar is full of engaging activities both on-site and off-site. Our youth are paramount in planning these activities.

Horticulture Therapeutic Activities

Our youth love planting and watching plants grow into fresh vegetables.  Afterwards, we cook and eat these veggies.  Great activity to introduce new vegetables to our youth such as eggplant and various squash.

Our annual talent show is always a hit.  Youth sing, dance, rap and show off their skills.  During talent show, we also have our annual awards ceremony for youth and staff.  

JTC Academy Talent Show 2019

Transitional Center Sports

TCI youth play basketball, softball and run track. Youth bring home many  trophies!!! 

Go TCI!!

Keeping Youth Active Energizes Them to Live Healthy & Happy Lives

 Here are some of the physical and mental benefits of your young person participating in sports:

They’re growing healthy bodies for the future. One of the most obvious benefits of children participation in sports is that it helps them build and maintain a healthy body, reducing their risk of childhood obesity. It can even help them avoid chronic diseases and reduce their risk of getting certain cancers, like breast or colon cancer.

They’re improving their mood, focus, and academic performance. It has been shown that physical activity helps to reduce stress and depression due to the body’s production of feel-good chemicals called endorphins.

They’re strengthening their mental skills. Critical thinking, goalsetting, sportsmanship and the ability to make good judgments are some of the life skills youth develop and exercise as an athlete.

They’re becoming leaders. Children who play sports are gaining leadership qualities in their interpersonal communication with their teammates. They are increasing in their respect for others and pride and confidence in themselves.

They’re performing better in school. Athletes often see high grades and high school graduation rates, as well. As found by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, physical activity positively impacts academic behaviors which improve academic performance.

Participation in recreational activities allows youth to exercise and engage socially with their peers.  Both are very important aspects of treatment.