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Renata S. Caldwell, LPC

TCI Clinical Director Behavior Units

Renata's professional background started with her owning and operating a home daycare for young children.  For 16 years, Renata worked diligently in a home day care setting and made it her priority to educate these small children and prepare them for the school setting.  After receiving her Master's from Lindenwood University, Renata transitioned from day care owner to a therapist at TCI where her love for working with adolescents grew exponentially. Through her realization of this new passion, Renata became fully immersed in her craft utilizing her therapeutic skills and theory to assist youth in identifying their negative, distorted thought processes and behaviors due to trauma and setting youth on a path to success  through the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems. 

Renata has found her purpose as TCI's Clinical Director. In this role, she is a natural at assisting struggling youth therapeutically but also a natural at supervising TCI's Clinical Team. It is her goal that under her leadership, both youth and staff will soar to reach their full potential.

Ryan Weidenbenner, LCPC, LSOTP,  LSOE

TCI Clinical Director SBP Units

 Mr. Weidenbenner holds Master's degrees in both Psychology and Counseling, or as he refers to them, "Theory and Practice."  Since 1997, Mr. Weidenbenner has worked with adolescents having a variety of mental health and behavioral issues, including sexual behavior problems. He is among the State of Illinois' first Licensed Sexual Offender Treatment Providers and Licensed Sexual Offender Evaluators.  Mr. Weidenbenner is one of the few in his field to develop and pioneer a successful treatment curriculum utilizing a variety of techniques and treatment interventions for adolescents having sexual behavioral problems. As a result of his successful curriculum, he has been sought out to conduct numerous training sessions and presentations over his work at the local, state and national levels and has published chapters in four different books related to providing therapy for adolescents.  

In December of 2018, Transitional Center Inc. was honored to have Mr. Weidenbenner join our team as Clinical Director of our SBP program. At this current time, he is actively working with youth as well as supervising and training counselors in theory and technique to obtain licensure. Mr. Weidenbenner states, "I look forward to continuing my work at TCI by further developing my programs, training and supervising my clinical staff and working with youth for many years to come."